Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, My sister Meri, an AVID blogger got on my case about not posting anything. I guess I could say I don't have much to say, or I could say I've been busy... Both are true, in a way..

I have been working at a pet resort for about 5 months now, assisting with grooms then grooming. Now our groomer is leaving and that leaves just me, not having any formal education, but having hands-on experience. I am going to be starting classes for grooming in the next couple weeks, so I can get a certificate. It's a huge opportunity for me since my unemployment benefits will be ending and we need income. It's not full time, but could turn out that way so it's good. The only thing is, I won't be able to do as much artsy stuff as I'd like, which makes me a little sad....

Anyway, here is one of the recent things I have made. it's a Steampunk Chunky for a Make Me Happy Chunky swap, in which one person makes one for me in a chosen theme, then I pay it forward and make one for someone else in one of their chosen themes.

Hope she likes it, I'm proud of it, it was fun to do and the very bottom gear, actually turns!

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  1. Hello Miz Ma. Just came over from Meri's post. I enjoyed hearing about your plans for taking on the dog grooming business. You are one cool artist. I am older than dirt and just starting art 2 years ago. I love it. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas.