Thursday, September 3, 2015

So this is a new piece I will be putting up for sale in an upcoming show in October. 10 x 10 canvas, originally my thought was to make the 4 seasons, and she could still be a part of that, however, as I was pulling out bits and pieces of my vast collection of junk, I decided to go this route. Acrylics on background, then I put stickers - I KNOW STICKERS!! hush hush, don't call the art cops.. They were clear backed fall leaves, at the time I was still thinking a fall piece. Then I put acrylic washes over the piece in red and quin gold. Added some blue stencil accents and some crackle medium to some spots. When the crackle dried, I rubbed over with gold and copper but the picture doesn't show that very well. Then as I was wondering whether to paint the face or not, I spied a ombre fall colored piece of tissue paper which said... put me on... you can always paint over me if you want... So, that is what happened to the paper-clay face (my sister Meri Wiley is a designer for Creative Paper Clay so she gives me cool stuff she makes). Once that was done, I kind of swerved off in the other direction. Didn't want the dimensional face to be lonely so I decided maybe just a piece or two of something rusty would work... Then this... Rusty nails, chain, wire tie, grommet and a itsy rusty heart. The "body" is a drawer pull, upside down, because I liked the look of wings. I found this cool watch crystal still intact with top case and a cool old glass evil-eye bead which was just flat enough to fit under the watch piece. I painted some tiny color on the inside of the watch crystal just to give a pop of color there. So here she is, not sure of her name yet but will think of something..

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mini's and Me...

So for the last couple of weeks, I have diligently been working on making many MANY miniature items to sell online in an International Miniatures show It's a 3 day show ending on Saturday night.  I am hoping to sell a few items but it's stiff competition as there are quite a few dealers.  So cross your eyes and fingers for me.  Here are a few pics of my product:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Uhm, I'm still here

Wowza, haven't posted for... FOREVER!  Just found myself a little lost for words.  I am making my comeback ;o)

Today my hubby and I participated in a fundraiser for the Humane Society. We were "locked" in a kennel with the sweetest little pup as we tried to post bail.. Eventually we were let out and we did come pretty close to our goal which was $1000. So far, we have a little over $800 which is really good then to top it off, our little pup, Puerto, got adopted so joy all around!!

Here are a couple of pics from today:

'This is our lockup pal Puerto.''This is our lockup pal Puerto.''This is our lockup pal Puerto.'

So lately I have picked back up on my miniatures hobby which I am trying to grow into a business.  I will be joining an online international miniatures sale August 20-23 and will post a link, closer to the day.  Also, I will be having one of my small projects published in a major miniatures magazine, in the hints and tips section. I will post that as well, once the issue comes out. 

Here are a couple of pictures of some of my MiniMakes:

MiniMakes's photo. and the links to my FB page and Etsy store where many items will be posted on the 20th

This next week I will be assisting my sister Meri Wiley, with her class at Art Unraveled. Whimsical Altered Canvas Dolls, it's gonna be FUN! Also helping at her table at the Shopping Extravaganza on 8-8 and taking 3 classes! 

So, lot's of stuff happening for me and now I will have reason to blog!  YAY!

Keep tuned!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Look what I have been up to!

Here is a sweet little art doll that I came up with. Hand painted her face in acrylic and used some vintage fabric and new fabric scraps I had on hand to make her with. Pics below but you can find her here:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting ready

Some exciting news... DogMa Studio is in full swing. My hand is still healing but I am able to make art again... can't say what a relief it is too. Will be updating this blog with pics and more, within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!