Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes I think my job is just a job.  Then a client, who is very exacting in how she wants her little princess groomed, tells me today, that none of the other groomers she has been to, have done a better job than me! 

Every day I struggle with the fact that I never went to school to learn how to groom.  I'm self taught and feel like there is so much I still don't know.  I continue to take classes and read whatever I can get my hands on, but I still feel like a formal education is the defining factor.  Why I do this, I don't know.  I have a growing clientele (had to hire my first employee) and repeat/loyal clients who tell me that no groomer has ever done such a good job on their pet, as I have.  I also have inherited "problematic" dogs. These dogs have actually been kicked out of other grooming establishments for things like: biting or being snappish, being too wiggly or being too old and complicated to work on.  I take these dogs and make them beautiful.  I don't complain to a client but I do try to be up front. They know when their little baby is a bit difficult, I don't feel the need to rub it in and certainly won't ban them from coming to me (tho I may WANT to :o)

I think this may be the year I decide to cut myself some slack!  I may not have formal education, but I really do a great job.  I learn something new every day and I'm a bit OCD about things.  I just need to quit beating myself up.  So there!! Take that EGO!!!

Feelin' better already.

Just sayin'

Monday, February 18, 2013

Joined this fun Easter swap.  Making SPOOLIES, never done that before.  Just got matched up with a swap buddy so I'll be contacting her to see what her likes/dislikes are.  Should be fun!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Well, now that the week is over... What a great one too.  My dear husband, Tracy, decided that just one day to celebrate Valenties was not enough.  He started on Monday - brought me 6 HUGE chocolate covered strawberries and a romantic card. Tuesday I got a lovely satin covered box of chocolates and a funny and romantic card. Wednesday I received a dozen gorgeous red roses and ANOTHER romantic card.  Then to top all that off, Thursday we renewed our wedding vows!!!  He never ceases to surprise me with his creativity, his love and support.  He truly is my soul-mate.  Just when I think no one understands how I feel, he does just the right thing.  I love him so much and am so blessed to have him in my life.