Thursday, October 4, 2012

Okay, my camera broke so I had to scan these art dolls.  The pics are crummy but hopefully you get the idea.  These were done for a Creeptastic art doll swap and are cloth, handsewn, beaded with mohair "hair" and various skellie faces.  The wings were altered with alcohol inks. 


  1. Those are just too stinkin' cool sis. How big are they? I hope you do stop by my blog, it's gonna' be so freakin' sweet.

    Love ya
    Moo Moo

    1. They range from about 5 1/2 to 7 inches. since they were all cut free hand, they weren't all the same. Did you see the cool Zetti arch, ATC's and the Halloween chunky below???

      I loved your sneaky peek on the blog page, so I hope I remember to get there. Will it still be viewable after Saturday??

  2. Yes, you can still see it afterwards, but I will take the music away. I did see your other goodies, and as always they are amazing sis. I'm so incredibly proud of your work, and I hope to do a post about your goodies and Linnie's "see ya Jimmy" hat book. So much talent in our family!

    Love ya'
    Moo Moo