Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes I think my job is just a job.  Then a client, who is very exacting in how she wants her little princess groomed, tells me today, that none of the other groomers she has been to, have done a better job than me! 

Every day I struggle with the fact that I never went to school to learn how to groom.  I'm self taught and feel like there is so much I still don't know.  I continue to take classes and read whatever I can get my hands on, but I still feel like a formal education is the defining factor.  Why I do this, I don't know.  I have a growing clientele (had to hire my first employee) and repeat/loyal clients who tell me that no groomer has ever done such a good job on their pet, as I have.  I also have inherited "problematic" dogs. These dogs have actually been kicked out of other grooming establishments for things like: biting or being snappish, being too wiggly or being too old and complicated to work on.  I take these dogs and make them beautiful.  I don't complain to a client but I do try to be up front. They know when their little baby is a bit difficult, I don't feel the need to rub it in and certainly won't ban them from coming to me (tho I may WANT to :o)

I think this may be the year I decide to cut myself some slack!  I may not have formal education, but I really do a great job.  I learn something new every day and I'm a bit OCD about things.  I just need to quit beating myself up.  So there!! Take that EGO!!!

Feelin' better already.

Just sayin'

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  1. Way to go sis, you are amazingly talented in whatever you do, so it's no surprise how good you are. By the way, Princess still has her lions tail....;o)

    Love you much,
    Moo Moo