Thursday, September 3, 2015

So this is a new piece I will be putting up for sale in an upcoming show in October. 10 x 10 canvas, originally my thought was to make the 4 seasons, and she could still be a part of that, however, as I was pulling out bits and pieces of my vast collection of junk, I decided to go this route. Acrylics on background, then I put stickers - I KNOW STICKERS!! hush hush, don't call the art cops.. They were clear backed fall leaves, at the time I was still thinking a fall piece. Then I put acrylic washes over the piece in red and quin gold. Added some blue stencil accents and some crackle medium to some spots. When the crackle dried, I rubbed over with gold and copper but the picture doesn't show that very well. Then as I was wondering whether to paint the face or not, I spied a ombre fall colored piece of tissue paper which said... put me on... you can always paint over me if you want... So, that is what happened to the paper-clay face (my sister Meri Wiley is a designer for Creative Paper Clay so she gives me cool stuff she makes). Once that was done, I kind of swerved off in the other direction. Didn't want the dimensional face to be lonely so I decided maybe just a piece or two of something rusty would work... Then this... Rusty nails, chain, wire tie, grommet and a itsy rusty heart. The "body" is a drawer pull, upside down, because I liked the look of wings. I found this cool watch crystal still intact with top case and a cool old glass evil-eye bead which was just flat enough to fit under the watch piece. I painted some tiny color on the inside of the watch crystal just to give a pop of color there. So here she is, not sure of her name yet but will think of something..

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