Thursday, March 21, 2013

Craft room re-do

First "phase" done. I'm so TIRED!!!  Painted walls, brought desk upstairs (in pieces, of course). Assembled desk, partially cleaned off old work desk. Spray painted some baskets and a shelf in my accent colors of black/red.

Phase two will have to wait until Saturday. Need to finish sorting things.Hang some of my storage shelves, get old desk out, clean the nasty stained blinds that came with the house and that's about all I think I can get done for a bit. We shall see.  Here are some progress pics.


  1. Oh and I just thought those blinds were a pretty yellow.........tee hee. Lookin' good sis. Let me know if you need help.

    Love ya'
    Moo Moo

  2. It'll be so fun to see it all pretty and organized! I have a tiny space in the basement that I'm also using for storage. I keep looking at Pinterest for inspiration. Hope you liked your spoolie and goodies today! :)

    1. Spoolie is AWESOME!! I love little chickies. All the goodies, Love the hankie with the "J" and the yummy chocolates.. You spoiled me!!

      Yours going postal tomorrow - I'm actually taking the day off cause I need to run errands! Go figure ;o) Hope you like your spoolie and goodies!

      Happy Easter